Table of Contents

Installing CorpusSearch
Running CorpusSearch

How to Install CorpusSearch

How to run CorpusSearch

CorpusSearch runs when invoked in a terminal window or cmd box as indicated above. If it is invoked without arguments, it will prompt the user to give a command file name and a source file name. These files can also be specified as arguments of the program on the command line. For example, if the command file is "foo.q" and the source (data) file is "bar.psd," then the following command will execute a search:

%CS foo.q bar.psd

The results of the search will be placed in a file called "foo.out." The name can be changed by adding a third argument on the command line, prefaced by "-o," as in:

%CS foo.q bar.psd -o goo.out

We are assuming here that "CS" has been defined as an alias for CorpusSearch as indicated above.

For details on what command files and source files may and must contain and what result files look like, see the body of this manual.