File and display buttons

The file buttons are for saving the working file and quitting the program. The display buttons allow the user to alter the display to make it easier to work on the token. When nodes are collapsed, only the root of the collapsed subtree is visible. The user is urged to experiment with the available options to see their effects before beginning annotation work for the first time.
SaveSaves the file being viewed in its current state.
ShrinkShrinks the token being viewed to make more of it visible. Disabled.
SwellUndo a prior shrink operation. Disabled.
Show Only Listed NodesDisplays only node labels on the "Show" list, as created with the "List" button.
Show All NodesUndoes a Show Only operation and displays all nodes.
Node List for Show OnlyRequests user to input a "Show" list - a list of node labels for Show Only.
Collapse Node(s)For previously selected node(s), removes from the display all material dominated by the node(s). The underlying tree itself is unaffected. Only the display changes.
Expand Node(s)Expands previously selected and collapsed nodes.
Expand All NodesExpands all nodes in the current tree, including nodes with labels on the collapse list.
List of Nodes to CollapseAsks the user to enter a list of node labels to collapse in the current and subsequently displayed tokens.
HelpPuts up a list of keyboard shortcuts.
Quit Current FilePuts up a quit dialog. The user is prompted to save before quitting.
QuitPuts up a quit dialog. The user is prompted to save before quitting.